Thursday, November 2, 2017

The immuno-peptidome of ovarian cancer!

Are you interested in MHCs?

If you aren't, I bet there is some guy in your department who won't stop talking about them if you get on the topic!

If you can identify the antigens that are present on the surface of cells that you don't want in a system with a functioning immune system (for example cancer cells, intracellular parasites, those sorts of things) then you can utilize the immune system to go ahead and get rid of those cells for you. It's totally probably not really that simple.

Flip to the method section in this brand new paper and you'll be filled with confidence that you, too, can identify the essential peptides that will make great new immunotherapeutic targets!

In all seriousness, they do make this sound quite straight-forward and present some very positive findings in the tumors that they analyze here. I don't know enough about the biology to contribute anything meaningful, but the authors seem excited about it. What I do know is that if I wanted to start looking for immunogenic antigen presenting peptides (or whatever they're called -- come on, my job would just be to identify a bunch of them, right?) I'd start by following the very clear method section in this paper!


  1. Dear Ben.
    I am not quite sure I understand you, so could you please let me know if you check the method description in the SI? Or is this post mainly about the method in body of the paper?
    Best regards,

  2. Davi,
    Sorry for the confusion. I was talking about the method in the paper body itself, I think. It just seemed so very straight-forward where a lot of the time the sample prep seems onerous and terrible. This looked like something I could pull off on my own.