Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Need to add quan to your Python pipeline? Try PyQuant from JHU!

I just visited this lab yesterday and we were talking about IonStar. Turns out they have been developing their own in-house quantification pathway in Python!

This open access paper from Christopher J. Mitchell et al., details these algorithms. There is a lot of quan out there, but if you're already using a Python-based bioinformatics pipeline these tools might be exactly what you want to look at integrating.

Among the features included -- label free quan, TMT/iTRAQ, SILAC....and...WAIT FOR IT...

(...obviously unrelated...but too funny to not include. Thank you Google Images)

NeuCode!!  YEAH!!  So if the reagents are ever commercially released you can integrate this into your pipeline.

Wait. I'm not done. The code in PyQuant also has the capabilities for

15N, 13C, and heavy O labeling!!

Read enough and just want this awesome package? You can get it directly here!

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