Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quantitative thermal proteome profiling!

About a year ago a paper came out that introduced me to the concept of Thermal Proteome Profiling.  While this concept will likely have several different applications, it is definitely really good at figuring out what proteins a drug is interacting!

This month, a brand new paper out of the Savitski lab takes this idea another step further. In this work they use TMT10plex reagents AND thermal proteome profiling to determine what proteins are being directly affected by certain drugs.

Being a Nature Protocols paper, the methodology is set out completely so that any of us can go right out and replicate it. This team also developed software for Python and R that can be used to process the data and they make this all available.

Are you stuck on what that stupid drug's mechanism of action is? You should probably check out this paper!

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