Friday, September 11, 2015

pVIEW: tons of tools, including 15N (n15) quantification

I swear I wrote a blog post on this years ago. Seriously, but it took me forever to find this software and then re-remember how to use it.

pVIEW is a really nice piece of software. It does a ton of different things...including 15N quantification!

It is incredibly user-friendly. If you are using a Thermo Instrument, I highly recommend you download this tool as well:

Whats it do? Well, you click on it and show it a directory. And then, without complaining or without any extra steps it converts you data rapidly and perfectly to mZxmL (not sure I capitalized the right stuff.) Then you can pull your data right into pVIEW.

pVIEW can be downloaded at the Princeton Proteomics and Mass Spec core website here.

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