Friday, September 26, 2014

Proteomics conferences and meetings anywhere in the world.

This is a request for you guys!

I'm trying to keep a running list of all the proteomics conferences and meetings in the world.  This is partially to be useful and partially for selfish reasons.

1)  (Useful) This is useful for everybody in the field.  Google "Proteomics conferences world-wide" and get a list of the meetings out there.  (Google loves me and this blog)

2) (Selfish) I get a decent amount of vacation time for an American.  And I have a lot of airline miles since I'm on a plane virtually every week.  If I know about your conference, maybe I can go.  I have a great time traveling alone, but sometimes its fun to travel for a reason.  Yes, I'm saying I would possibly take vacation time and fly to your state/province or country to go to your meeting on my dime.  I'm still super bummed out I missed a cool conference in Vienna in August for some training I had to do.

But for any of this to happen I need to know about your meeting.  Big or small.  Leave a comment in the section below or email me: and I'll add it to the list.

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