Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New in-vivo crosslinkers!


Sure we have our choice of a bunch of stuff out there, but how many can we use that will actually catch our native interactions?  This one will!  (New paper in press at MCP and you can get it, for now, here!)

Now...it isn't without caveats.  The analysis here is MS3 based, so you probably can't do this with a QE (though....in source CID?  Maybe...tricky....and would require the QE API and custom software..the more I think about it the more possible it seems, though this confidence may come from espresso!)

If you are interested in crosslinking though, you should absolutely check this out.  Its really smart and can be applied to all sorts of systems.  Check out how the MS side of things works:

This is similar to the crosslinkers lots of people use that come from UVic.  The difference is that our crosslinked peptides are revealed by specific MS2 shifts.  If you can recognize those delta masses, then you grab those for MS3.  MS3 then reveals your peptide IDs.  In this way you can selectively enrich for your crosslinked groups.

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