Monday, May 13, 2013

Xenografts induce liver dysfunction in mice

In a step away from proteomics over to metabolomics, this is a pretty interesting story in press at MCP.  The paper from Fei Li et al., takes a look at the urine metabolomics of our favorite cancer models, mice that are growing xenografted tumors.  We all know this system is a flawed one, but it is absolutely the best thing out there.  There are tons of examples where treating a series of mice with these tumors with different combinations of drugs has told us exactly how to eradicate a specific tumor.  A variable that no one has evaluated (as far as I know, anyway) how the growing tumors affect the liver function.  Obviously implanting a tumor is a pretty bad thing, but here are quantifiable changes.  I highly recommend this paper for you metabolomics people as well as anyone working with xenograft models!

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