Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tandem metal oxide enrichment for phosphoproteomics

"Arabidopsis", a word that strikes boredom into the hearts of so many students throughout the world! Mostly kidding!  I know how important it is to have good model organisms.
As proof, look at this great new paper in MCP this month from Hoehenwarter, et al.,.  In this study they used a tandem metal oxide enrichment procedure to do a bang up job characterizing the MAP Kinase substrates in this silly little plant.  I didn't even know plants used MAP kinases, which are one of the very central signaling pathways in cancer and most diseases.
In the study they used aluminum oxide to enrich intact phosphoproteins, digested them, then enriched the phosphopeptides with titandium dioxide.  The resulting double enriched phosphos were analyzed on an Orbitrap XL.  On this super enriched sample, they even got quantification data by using spectral counting in Proteome Discoverer and a new (to me, and apparently not-yet-published) software package called ProtMax.  Of course, I can't wait to investigate this!

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