Friday, February 15, 2013

First step in the human proteome project

Detailed in this month's JPR is the first step in the HUPO human proteome project initiative.  This extremely interesting paper from Gyorgy Mark-Varga, Gilbert S. Omenn, Young-Ki Paik and William S. Hancock describes the layout of the chromosome-centric steps of this project.
The paper also has one of my favorite figures of this year (stolen blatantly from the

Unlike the figure above, the one appearing in the paper is completely filled out.  I LOVE that the chromosomes were divided between so many collaborating labs in so many nations.  Science, the great unifier!
With the completion of this project (projected to be 2022), I may have to back off of my criticism of certain semi-targeted techniques, such as DIA.  If we truly have a library of the proteins present, these technologies start to make a lot more sense.
This paper is a short lunch break read.  I highly recommend that you read it in order to see where our field is going!

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