Thursday, November 23, 2017

The 3D Orbi-SIMS label free metabolic imager.

Ummm...hey...I'm just going to leave this new Nature Methods paper here.

Yeah -- this is an imaging TOF device connected for a Q Exactive. The authors go through in somewhat painstaking detail what you'd have to do if you wanted to build your own.

And...well...then they go through some real brain tissue and TRACK SPECIFIC NEUROTRANSMITTER concentrations in 3 dimensions through the tissue -- and then track some molecules in a SINGLE HUMAN CELL.

I don't think I could build one even with these instructions, but it's a seriously cool paper.

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  1. This appears to be approaching the holy grail of imaging in terms of the spatial resolution analytical figure of merit mixed with a great detector. Having worked for Bruker in the past this article was quite interesting(and Thermo). Now how does it perform with intact mAb's? That is the question we always got at Bruker. 2um spatial and the ability to detect intact mAb's(and at what concentration) would be a killer app. I hope the technology ultimately works for that application.