Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Survival proteomes in bacteria!

This is open access and I've retweeted it twice so I'll remember to read it -- and that didn't work, so I'm leaving it here now (disclaimer -- I still haven't done more than gloss through it)

However -- we HAVE to do something about this antimicrobial resistance stuff and bacteria are simple organisms in comparison to poplar trees and 60,000 gallons of salt water and the other things some proteomics researchers out there are working on. We should totally be the ones solving all these problems with the "simple" organisms!

If Coon lab is completing simple eukaryote proteomes in an hour and Olsen lab is completing comprehensive human proteomes in 32 hours, a consistent focused effort on annoyances like C.difficile that have picked up resistance to up to 4 extremely important compounds that ought to kill it should be no big deal for us to puzzle out, right?

If you're writing a grant right now that has anything to do with bacteria and proteomics and you don't drop the term "survival proteomes" into the title or abstract right now, it's certainly not my fault now.

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