Monday, August 22, 2016

SPECTRUM ANALYZER!!! Pull 43 metrics out of any .RAW file!!!

Is this old news? Maybe it is, but I've never seen it till this weekend. AND...I'm always hearing people say "I wish RAWMeat still worked for these new instruments..."  While many programs will extract the same data out of RAW files that RAWMeat does/did, most of them provide that after you have processed your data.

SpectrumAnalyzer is the opposite. It is a tiny and fast piece of software that pulls the scan header information from any of your RAW files and makes a handy TXT file out of it.

As a warning, it does do this for EVERY SINGLE SPECTRA, so it looks a little daunting, but you could easily make a little matrix document that bins the results into histograms and produces a pretty output.

You can get this nice little tool at the IMP page here (go to Tools!)

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