Monday, August 29, 2016

2D-gels show there are two different mechanisms of skin aging

It is no secret that exposure to UV increases the appearance of skin aging, but don't tell Tanning Mom (video link).

Jia-You Fang et al., decided to use proteomics to take the process apart and it looks like we're looking at two very unique things that just look alike from the surface.

They started with an animal model and looked at the protein levels induced by natural aging versus those induced by UV exposure using a 2D-gel based system with silver staining. The differential spots were determined by a fancy sounding spot software and the cool spots were cut and digested out for MALDI-TOF peptide mapping.

They observed some key differences, including the involvement of ubiquitin in the natural aging process where it didn't play a role in the UV induced. Now that I think of it, it seems naive to assume that both would be on the same mechanisms -- but I found the abstract surprising enough to read this short paper.

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