Saturday, October 10, 2020

Do you have a strong Opinion on Proteomics? This special edition wants to hear it!

 I know you have some opinions about what is good and maybe what is bad in proteomics right now. (I'm anything could possibly be bad about proteomics!) If you're tired of saying that opinion over and over again to yourself, and think the whole world should hear it -- now is your chance, cause this special edition in Proteomes is accepting reviews now. 

How much do they want your review? No page charges! (Don't tell anyone at Elfseverer about this. They might literally die.)  

I'm not kidding about it being an opinion piece, special guest editor Matthew Padula described his hope of assembling a "warts and all" compilation of where we are today, so we can take it apart and figure out how to fix it all to get to the next level.

Super cool idea, right? 

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