Thursday, July 27, 2017

pCLAP -- A new method for RNA-protein binding analysis

It seems like I'm hearing more about RNA-protein binding all the time. The genetics people have ways to do this from the nucleotide side. Maybe those are straight-forward, but I'll have to do a lot of homework to figure out what they are talking about.

If someone in your department has asked you about doing this stuff, you should check out this new paper at JPR!

From the mass spec side this looks really straight-forward. Even that data processing doesn't seem to require magic. It's all plus/minus analysis. Peptide disappears in this sample prepped this way, but is present in this other one -- must be RNA binding!

 All of the work and power in the methodology is on the sample prep side, so hopefully you have someone great who does that for you!  They validate the assay by using a human cancer cell line and identify about 1,000 RNA binding sites -- many previously characterized, and a bunch of new ones!

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