Friday, June 19, 2015

Whats the biggest database you can load into Proteome Discoverer 2.0?

This question came up the other day: how big of a FASTA database can I load into PD 2.0.  After asking around, no one seemed to know, so I used the FASTA Tools to create various sized databases. It was very scientific. I'd type a bunch of things to parse on like "coli" and "strain" and "L" until I got FASTAs of various lengths parsed out of my 13GB Swissprot TREMBL database.

The biggest one that would go?  5.0GB.  5.8GB crashed out.  So...there you go!

P.S. This doesn't seem to be RAM limited (like Excel or something similar).  I've got plenty of free RAM to support 5.8GB.

EDIT 7/3/15: I sent this 5.8GB database to the programmers in Bremen and someone successfully loaded it.  This does appear to be a resource issue with my personal PC.  I'm going to clear some space (y'all quit sending me all this data! just kidding, keep it coming) and try this titration again.

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