Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DMSO improves shotgun proteomics?

I was reserving my opinion on this because it sounded just a little crazy, but I heard yesterday that this study has been replicated by another group.  Spiking low levels of DMSO into your LC-MS shotgun proteomics experiment appears to have fantastic effects on your signal intensity and your coverage.
Does it make sense to me?
Do I know what kind of effect this will have on LC-MS/MS systems?
CAUTION (AND DISCLAIMER):  Some LC components, particularly proteomics centric nanoflow systems possess chemically sensitive seals that are optimized for formic acid and acetonitrile only.  Consult your owner's manual and/or LC applications team to see if your LC-MS system can handle this buffer additive.  I am seeking insight from different LC vendors to see what they're opinion on this is and/or which systems are compatible.

Am I going to try this as soon as I possibly can?

I'll get back when I have solid data (2-3 weeks, probably...)  For now, however, check out the original method paper here.

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