Friday, August 16, 2013

Global proteomic analysis of the NCI-60 cell line panels!

This is HUGE.
The NCI-60 is a compilation of, you guessed it, 60 immortalized cancer cell lines that are used by the National Cancer Institute for virtually every drug screen and subsequent analysis.  These are also, by far, the most common cancer cell lines studied by researchers world-wide.  Every major cancer type is represented.

And here, we have a brand new study from Gholami et. al., detailing the proteomes of all of them.  All.  This may be the most useful body of proteomic data every generated for oncology.  The analysis was done on an Orbitrap XL plus ETD and the data was processed with MaxQuant.

The analysis is top notch.  This team pulled out all the stops and did this right.  If you are doing any kind of cancer research in proteomics, you need to read this.  This is how you do it.

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