New! NanoLC resources!

Nanoflow HPLC? Are you crazy? If you can possibly get away with microflow LC (as in microliters of solvent per minute) definitely do that. If you need the sensitivity boost you get from nanoflow HPLC (commonly nanoLC or nanoflow) I might as well point you in the right direction.

This is a nice reference for the theory behind nanoflow made by our friends at

This one is similar: Entitled "Miniaturization of HPLC, why would we do it?"

For Thermo instruments, this is the ultimate guide. The great Katie Southwick originally drafted this, but it has become a living document and is a couple of iterations in.

Got a question about fittings or sleeves? Maybe you need this 68 page manual that Upchurch put together!  It is about all LCs. A nice CTRL+F will lead you to the right section.

What about troubleshooting? New Objective has had this beautiful guide for nanoflow for years that has been updated with improvements in photography and changes in equipment.

Want to make nanoLCs and mass specs from different vendors work together? Check out this awesome matrix document that UWPR put together. 

Randomly added thanks to Twitter (and more relevant to analytic level LC?) How to make your own sample loop!

Oh...and in case this talks you out of doing nanoflow, here is a post I put together for doing microflow.

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