Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What the heck is precision psychiatry?

Want to see an amazingly ambitious undertaking? Check out this review on Precision Psychiatry!

If the picture doesn't completely encapsulate the level of this undertaking (where proteomics and metabolomics are just little bubbles of info playing in), read just a little ways into it. This is my second favorite quote from this awesome and informative paper...

...this makes the disease I've worked on sound really simple! Malaria and cancer are pretty much binary. You either have a parasite living in your blood eating your hemoglobin (or hiding in your liver) or you don't. That cell is either blowing by a cell cycle checkpoint...or it isn't... How much harder must it be if your proteomic profile doesn't actually match to a concrete and established phenotype? Yikes.

I'm often in conversations here in Maryland about precision medicine. This question sometimes comes up (maybe I'm the one asking it sometimes): "What does precision medicine mean to your field?"

My favorite quote from this great paper might be my favorite answer I've heard so far--

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