Orbitrap Methods database!

This is an ongoing project -- and a lot of cool stuff is en route. Hopefully this is just the very beginning!

Disclaimer: These are meant to be a starting point, not the end-all do this method. I try to keep them current, but you may be able to get much better data by switching things around a bit. Chromatography, obviously is a real concern.

Note: I had some web-hosting issues and lost many methods. I'm gradually rebuilding this list and putting them up in text format via Google Docs, where they'll hopefully be kinda permanent



Q Exactive Plus Intact mAB 10min gradient

Q Exactive Plus TMT10plex top 15 method

Q Exactive Plus TMT 2 or 6plex or iTRAQ 4plex top 20 method

Exactive (classic) metabolite monitoring 25k resolution

Exactive (classic) metabolite monitoring 50k resolution

LTQ Orbitrap(s)



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  2. Awesome proteomics resource you have here!
    The TMT10plex method is not updated and thus contains a misleading resolution of 17500 for MS2.
    It would be nice to also post here the 10plex modification file for proteome discoverer. I don't have it in PD2.1 and so I have to make it :(

    1. Whoa! Thanks for catching those! I lost files in the ftp fiasco a while back. I'll fix 'em!