Saturday, September 19, 2020

Glycoproteomics of sparkling wine?

 Need more proof that glycopeptides are involved in everything? 

I suspect that this paper is about the fancy stuff that no one is allowed to called Champagne unless the grapes in it can be directly seen through the bathroom window of one specific bureaucrat in a really dreary looking part of France, rather than the sparkling wine that people make into slushies in Pennsylvania. Just in case you needed more reasons to look forward to ASMS 2020 Philly!!! 

Back to the fancy stuff! 
This team uses SWATH to anayze different sparkling wines fermented in different ways, while keeping in mind desirable characteristics. Turns out there are a load of glycopeptides and the amount of time the wine hangs out on the lees has a lot to do with their distribution.

Interestingly they find a lot of nontryptic cleavages, suggesting that there are some proteases from the grapes or wood or yeast or something at work in the bottles! 

The data processing is done with Byonic, which I didn't know could process DIA data. 

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