Monday, March 11, 2019

Anyone out there interested in doing a postdoc for a crazy person?

Do you know how to use mass spectrometers?

Are you tolerant to some really crazy research ideas?

Are you comfortable working with someone who kind of exists in some sort of an odd quantum state? For example -- you might never really know where your adviser is?

Well then!

I'm looking for postdocs, technicians and research associate/scientists for our new labs under construction in Columbia, MD and Irvine, California.

1) You'll totally be publishing. We're doing things no one has done before. Possibly -- no one has been crazy enough.
2)  We already have a bioinformatician. You find a protein bioinformatician? You hire them 6 months ahead of schedule if you need to. Who knows when you'll find the next one available!
3) Unlike many postdoc positions there is room for direct advancement if you kick ass. More labs will be coming online soon -- several should be up in the next 2 years -- and they'll need people to run them! You could come in, learn everything and be heading straight toward running your own facility.

1) You'd have to work with me. (Hence all the stuff above)
2) There is a lot of boring routine stuff that we have to do as we develop the protocols for the robots. (Humans shouldn't prep samples -- it's 2018) Correction: 2019. But we need to fully understand the best ways to do everything so we can make the robots do the smartest things possible.
3) You might find out what we're doing and be like " ARE crazy..." but you'd never know till you write me.

Time frame?
People for Columbia ASAP.
People for Irvine -- soon.

Interested? (Write me!

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