Sunday, July 29, 2018

UltraQuant -- Run a scalable MaxQuant on Linux supercomputers!!

There are a lot of similarities between the Ultra series of music festivals and UltraQuant. Actually, there aren't. I was just looking for a cool logo for UltraQuant and this picture from this year's festival in Miami looked too crazy to pass up.

What is UltraQuant? Well -- thanks to Twitter -- I just learned it's a version of MaxQuant that can exist within it's own infinitely scalable container. What's that mean? It means that you can go to this Github thing from the Kentis Research Group and finally make use of those thousands of cores your facility probably has -- but has seemed kind of useless to you....

How long does MaxQuant take to complete a complex run with 18,000 individual threads running...? If I can find a way to test it I'll DEFINITELY post it here!

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