Monday, March 5, 2018

Extending proteomic coverage with 193nm UVPD (in positive and negative!)

YEAH! Now this is the UVPD paper I've been waiting for. Wait. That seems negative. The other ones have been really cool. For real.

But here....

...we see UVPD realizing the kind of potential that it has always looked like it would have for proteomics! If you can get your peptide ID'ed with HCD -- do it with HCD! It's super fast! It doesn't take long though before you start to see the limits of HCD identification. Especially in stupid regions like that one highlighted in blue above (by the Macintosh 128k...which is kind of hilarious. Can you imaging copying a RAW file to it 1.44Mb at a time? Maybe it is actually a Plus and you could flip the disk over and DOUBLE your transfer speed).

That region in blue has 3(?) missed cleavages and is like 28(?) amino acids long. That's probably not the best looking HCD spectra in the world. But in this study they can identify it with negative UVDP!! Yeah!

There is more gold in this study, including a new version of Byonic specifically optimized for positive and negative UVPD. I'm very impressed that my friends at Protein Metrics would work on a software package for such a small market. The number of people with positive and negative 193nm UVPD Hopefully only for right now!

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