Monday, February 19, 2018

Time to plan your summer European vacation around these amazing meetings!

Everyone in proteomics should be in Europe in July! Let me help you plan your vacation.

First stop:  July 2-6 -- Zurich

For the DIA/SWATH course. You can register here until March 31st. There is no intro material. This is for mass spectrometrists. Been doing DDA for 10 years and want to see what DIA can do for you? This is your stop.

Stop #2: July 8-13 -- Barcelona

Want to become an expert in the world's most powerful quantitative proteomic packages? This is how you do it. MaxQuant and Perseus for 5 full days with amazing speakers who design the stuff and power users who influence the designers. You can apply for a spot here.

Stop #3: July 16-20 -- VIENNA! 

EuPA's Advanced Practical Proteomics returns -- this year in Vienna. If you aren't familiar, just check out the amazing lecture material produced from the 2017 academy.

SUMOylation, glycoproteomics, big data, protegeonomics, PTMs I haven't heard of. You can get all these 2017 lectures here.

You can register for this event here. While I'd love to get to all 3 this July, I can only realistically do one so it's Vienna in August for me!  I can not wait!!

Stop #4: July 27-28 -- Oland, Sweden!

Heavy metal festival on an island in rural Sweden?!? What?!?  IN FLAMES plays both days? Wait! Wrong blog! much vacation time do I get again...?

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