Thursday, January 11, 2018

ABRF and ASMS registrations are now open!

It's 20178! And time to start picking conferences. I just got an ABRF announcement this morning. I forgot it was Myrtle Beach this year!

You could be there! (Around all the great talks from core directors and high throughput researchers from around the world, of course!)

You can check it out and register here! 

ASMS, however, decided to do a 180 this year. Instead of picturesque Indiana, Missouri and Baltimore (hey! what's wrong with Baltimore?!?! oh yeah...the conference attendees that got mugged assaulted...?'s with this in mind that I feel I have the freedom to make fun of other conference locations, since mine might not have been everyone's favorite). This year, however!!


It's a fact. It is the greatest city in the HISTORY of mankind.  Discovered by the Germans in 1904....

(The best part is the blooper at the end where even Will Ferrell can't say that line with a straight face)

REMINDER!!  ASMS abstracts are due FEBRUARY 2nd!!

Register for ASMS 2018 here!!

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