Thursday, November 10, 2016

Q Exactive Focus 2.0 -- not just for small molecules anymore!

The QE Focus has been out for a couple years. It is an "inexpensive" (QQQ priced...) Q Exactive that was meant for the small molecule crowd. It had lower mass range and resolution than other QEs (but still more than any Q-TOF). But, I honestly thought it was a little too limited to ever have a real use for one.

The new Exactive tune 2.7 changes a lot!

The interface stays super simple -- with the options to automatically parallelize your scans (similar to how the Fusion can just make good instrument decisions, so you don't have to!)  You can, of course, over ride them,

You are still capped at 70k resolution, but I'm thinking that this is now my favorite validation device. Load this sucker up with PRMs and DIA (DIA not shown here, cause I didn't configure tune right when I loaded it on this gotta get the geography right...politics...) so I don't need more than 35k anyway.

You can also load up multiple scan events. It can do dd-MS2, but I think it is capped at a Top3 method (which is also capable of almost fully-automatic instrument setup).

So you get:
High mass accuracy and resolution so you have absolute certainy in your measurements?
Probably the easiest to use mass spectrometer you've ever seen (definitely the easiest I've ever used!)
More sensitivity than any QQQ thanks to up C-Trap accumulation?

I'm not saying the time has come to drop your QQQ off a roof or anything, but if you can quantify on 5 fragment ions all within 1ppm mass accuracy within a single scan and almost completely eliminate all matrix interference, regardless of your matrix complexity, it sure does make that 0.7Da MS1/1.0Da MS/MS SRM seem kinda last century -- or a weird use of the same amount of cash.

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