Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Its fo' real, yo!

DISCLAIMER: Alpha is the first version of a piece of software.  It is perhaps not fo' real per se, yo. It may be a while until even external testing release to collaborators.

This post is not purely for bragging about all the cool stuff my computer gets to do while I'm away at work. It is meant to instill confidence that some of the cool features you may have seen or heard about at ASMS are really making their way to your friendly Discoverer interface. Such as....

The ability to pull 63,000+ unique label free features out of an Orbitrap Elite run in 3 minutes!!!!!  WHAT?!?!

First impressions?
1) Super stable so far!!! (Bremen is getting GOOD at Building Discoverers.)

2) Very very familiar. Why alter a good thing, right? No serious changes in the interface at all. A few minor tweaks that just improve the running environment. {Loaded a new FASTA. Appeared as an option in Sequest. Did not have to close my study!}

3) Ummm....if all of these features make it to release, we definitely didn't get the full story at ASMS. There is some seriously cool new toys in here!  Come on PC knock out these RAW file alignments!!

4) LFQ works! Really really well!

Disclaimer: This is an unreleased Alpha version of the software. The future is not now per se. But the future is en route? I'm not altering that picture I found, though!

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