Saturday, August 27, 2016

hEIDI -downstream processing for massive Mascot processed data sets.

Does your data processing resolve around a central and powerful Mascot server, but you want to compile massive datasets in a streamlined manner?

Maybe you should check out hEIDI.  It is described in this new paper in JPR from AM Hesse et al.,.

To be perfectly honest, at first glance it definitely looks like you'll need a good bioinformatician to put this together from even the downloadable tools here, (I tried, but very rapidly got to a window that seems to assume a lot of pre-existing knowledge. I'm gonna assume I'm dumb and not that the authors of the instruction manual left out several critical pieces of information necessary to get going. Honestly the safer assumption!) but the output seems pretty powerful and it kicks it out in a format that meets the MIAPE standards automatically.

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