Friday, June 10, 2016

ASMS hardware highlight. Even more cool stuff the QE can do!

You've probably already heard, but the Q Exactive got a new hat at ASMS. I also got a new hat, but it required just a little climbing!

Whatever that manufacturer is called launched the new QE Plus and QE HF with BioPharma package.

What's it do? The package allows the analysis of native proteins. The instruments equipped with it have a new option called HMR (presumably, High Mass Range).  The m/z range of the instrument goes all the way to 8,000.  Gas pressures and optics change around and the ions are trapped in the much softer environment of the HCD cell rather than spending time in the C-trap. According the the interface I saw, there is just a button to take the instrument into HRM mode.

I'll be honest, I don't absolutely understand the advantage of native mass spectrometry, but I tell you what, that spectra I stole from a poster on Planet Orbitrap makes it seem a little more obvious. Looks like the native protein is a lot easier to understand while still giving you great data on the protein (also stolen!)

I guess you could also assume that the native mass might be more biologically relevant...?..I dunno.... The BioPharma team really pushed the fact that with this system they don't have to deglycosylate their intact antibodies to work with them when every TOF system does have that requirement. With the gaining acceptance of the importance of glycans to everything(!!) that seems like a big deal.

I do know I worked with a cool team up at NorthEastern a couple years ago and we were trying to reproduce some work done on an Exactive Plus EMR on a QE Plus and we really just couldn't get the native proteins resolved. If this package was on the instrument, presumably we would've gotten it.  It does appear to be a factory installed only package, at least for now.

More QE capabilities? Y'all will find something awesome to do with it!

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