Wednesday, May 25, 2016

PlantPReS -- A proteomics database for plant stress response stuff!

This week I sat down with a great local scientist who is doing some plant proteomics work. Holy cow!  This stuff is hard!  There are so many problems that haven't been addressed really well yet in plants. Ridiculous redundancy, lack of basic residues, poor databases, lack of depletion technologies for the high abundance just keeps going.

I took to some literature searching and found...yeah, this stuff is hard! But there is effort to work on it, so gains will be coming.

This new study from Mousavi et al., introduces some gains on the database side. PlantPRes is a database focused primarily on how plant proteomes respond to stress.

You can access it directly here. The interface is very straight-forward and has a lot of info on the topic. At first glance it might seem a little simplistic, but the data is manually curated!  And when you're looking at the tremendous amount of redundancy (and often huge genome sizes) present in plants, you probably want a smaller database of real information over something much larger (and probably less true)!

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