Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Want to see some killer Orbitrap small molecule data and applications? May 19th in Bethesda!

Anyone around the D.C. and MD area interested in non-protein mass spectrometry? While the Orbitrap has spent ten years re-defining proteomics, a smaller group of people have been using this technology to doing the same with small molecules and metabolomics. On May 19th at the NIH there will be a bunch of this research shown off.

This will be very low on marketing mumbo-jumbo. The goal here is to show how you lucky Orbitrap users can switch over if you want to and probably do way better targeted small molecule and global metabolomics than anybody in your facility using something else.

I'm not trying to put anyone out of work, but really, think about it, you're probably currently identifying tens of thousands of complex biomolecules per run and using nanoflow separations!! If the theoretical human metabolome is only 6,000 things (ref? 4000 things? ) couldn't you just do that? I think you'll be really surprised by how easy it is to take what you've got in your lab right now and start doing better metabolomics than anyone has ever published in your field.

As a plus, you'll see some sweet imaging Orbitrap data as well as a real-world application of PaperSpray. One drop of blood - 1 minute later - what is wrong with this person!?!?! I'm super psyched for both of those. Warning:  I won't be available for conversations during any of these talks. Come early or stay late if you want to chat! (Just kidding about the early part!)

You can register for this here. 


  1. Hi,

    any chance of having these lectures uploaded somewhere for the transportationally challenged?


  2. I hope we'll be able to distribute some stuff! NIH prohibits filming, unfortunately, and I know some people are showing unpublished data. I'll make everything I can available, though!!