Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dr. X's guide to setting up Ultra-Sensitive PRM assays!

This week I received a cool tutorial video from an a contributor with the dubious name of  Dr. X. This video walks you through how to build a PRM assay on a Q Exactive mass spec to get super high sensitivity.

I would like to throw out that this is contribution that I uploaded (even though it was 1GB to my personal Vimeo page.) I can't agree 100% with everything Dr. X says in the video.

The jury is out on whether the Q Exactive is more sensitive than any triple quad, but he makes a good argument (IMHO) for why that might be.

He also seems excited and maybe exaggerates a little. Your Q Exactive does not have "parts per trillion" mass accuracy. Also, yes, you can maintain a good Q Exactive calibration for weeks or months, but you should probably check it at least once per week. Remember that mass accuracy isn't everything that you are evaluating when you infuse that calibration mix.

Who is this Dr. X? Honestly, I don't know but he sure seems to like the sound of his voice, because this video doesn't need to be 20 minutes long or recorded at a resolution that would require it to be a 1GB file... Speaking of his voice, though, when I hear it I imagine he looks something like this:

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