Thursday, January 28, 2016

Q Exactive Cycle time calculator is back

I'm taking some time this morning to do some housekeeping on this blog and fix download links.

One thing people have asked for is the Q Exactive cycle time estimator/calculator.

You can now download it from my personal Dropbox here. (P.S. When you get to download, do the "Direct Download" thing. Otherwise it tries to open the spreadsheet in the Dropbox file viewer)

Also, I've finally located several of the old files to the Orbitrap Methods database on the right. That thing has been looking pretty sad lately....

If you do find a link to a resource that is wrong, please drop a comment on the post of interest or hit me up with an email to:

Updated: 2/3/16 thanks to Rob catching a Copy/Paste error!


  1. Hi Ben,

    just downloaded your cycle time calculator. Are you sure that you've got the transient lengths right for the QE-HF. I thought they are 32 ms at 15,000R, 64 ms at 30000 R and so on. I just went trough the HF-Paper by Makarov and Mann and they say it as well.



  2. Rob,
    Thanks! Yeah...that is what it is supposed to be...not sure why the sheet doesn't have that value. I'll check on it!

  3. Rob,
    Good catch! I did the PRM and DIA wrong (copy paste error!) The new sheet should be corrected!