Friday, September 25, 2015

The long-awaited PD 2.0 (2.0) NIH Training Workshop!

This summer one of my biggest workshops was a PD 2.0 training workshop Alison Wiedergreen set up at the NIH Bethesda campus. It was really well attended and there were tons of great questions.

The crowd requested a follow-up workshop after they got going with the software and we finally made the schedule work!  I'm happy to announce PD 2.0 workshop 2.0!

To register you can follow this link!

In the AM the brilliant and charismatic Dr. Talamantes will be going over the basic functions of PD 2.0, including getting you going if you are new to PD completely or if you have used PD 1.x in the past.

In the afternoon I'll stop watching and we'll go over some more specific workflows. I think we'll look at some real big datasets and how to organize them as well as maybe how to combine quantitative analysis of global proteins with phosphoproteomics or something similar.  If you have a suggestion for what you specifically want to take a look at, shoot me a suggestion and/or a dataset and we'll try to make time for it!  We'll also look at what is coming in Proteome Discoverer 2.1 (which is just a bunch of improvements to the PD 2.0 interface. It works and looks just about the same, I promise!)

Is October 29 too early for halloween costumes?

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  1. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the update. Do you know if these workshop are/will be available online?
    Benjamin Parker