Sunday, March 22, 2015

How do you set up targeted quan on the Orbitrap Fusion?

A reader asked me the other day something like this "hey Dogbreath, how do you do targeted quan on the Orbitrap Fusion?"

So I fished around and found some resources.  These videos were created by someone who would prefer to remain anonymous but who also seems to share my obsession with Carl Sagan.  He asked me to password lock these, so I used "MisterX"

They aren't much, but maybe there will be more on the way since he just got a whole lot more Fusion access.

How to set up a targeted MS2 type experiment (also called parallel reaction monitoring, or PRM) on the Fusion:

How to set up a T-SIM-ddMS2 :

Shoutout to Darryl for the suggestion.  I'll post more resources if I find them.

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