Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maxquant summer school talk 2013 lectures now available

The MaxQuant summer school lectures have been loaded to youtube.  I can't seem to embed them as here as the blogger/youtube interface hasn't been updated yet, but you can find them here:

Talk by Matthias Mann.
Perseus talks by Jurgen Cox.
Perseus tutorial by Tami Geiger
Andromeda talk by Jurgen Cox
Andromeda configuration by Fabian Coscia

It appears that more videos are being posted right now.  Go to any one of these and I'm sure the clever google algorithms will lead you to the the rest.


  1. Hi Ben,
    The above link no longer connects to the PepNovo software (if it ever did). Do you have any updates on this or any other free software for denovo sequencing of peptides from ms/ms spectrum?


  2. Hema,
    Thanks for the comment. My links to become outdated. My favorite free de novo these days is this the deNovo gui. It is PepNovo, but has a easy interface. You can now get it for Windows, Linux, and Mac here:

  3. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for that update on PepNovo.

    But I was not really blaming your website for the non-functional link. That link is from the original research paper of the PepNovo authors. It simply led to their web site, and that's it.