Thursday, July 11, 2013

GeneWiki for iOS -- Protein and gene ontology information on the go.

Do you need access to the most up-to-date annotations for human and mouse genes and proteins when you are away from your lab?  Do you have lots of patience and the time to keep touching your iOS screen so it doesn't go to sleep and reset an App?  Then do I ever have the $.99 App for you!

Getting the App to start requires a little dedication, as it first has to download and compile it's databases before you can use them.  On a hotel wifi network the downloading can take quite a while.  The compiling takes some time wherever you are (roughly 15 minutes).  During the download process if you switch to a different App or allow your iOS device to go to sleep, the process resets completely and you must begin again.  On the third time your iPAD has gone to sleep at 50% or more of the way through the process, you might find yourself tempted to delete the App.

Though if you are someone with more spare time (and patience) than I currently possess you'll reap the rewards of the dollar and half hour of your time you spent just touching your iPAD.  I don't know if the program is available for Android, perhaps the multitasking capabilities of those modern devices will allow the program to complete it's machinations in the background.

You can find more information about what GeneWiki supposedly does here.

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